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Raport activitate

Raport activitate zilnica

Created By -  Dienergy Cluj-Napoca

Reporte Ventas Septiembre 2017

Muestra en grafica los diferentes movimientos de las ventas en el mes en curso

Created By -  dashboard
3 days ago

Pre-ETS Information

This is the sample data I pulled for Eivind.

Created By -  cheryl.davis
3 days ago

VenHarpal Reporting

Created By -  Ven
3 days ago

Supply Vs. Constraints

Supply Vs. Constraints

Created By -  ikenna.b
4 days ago


El Cl√°sico is the name given in football to any match between fierce rivals Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. It is among the most viewed annual sporting events. Links: ,

Created By -  suprajarkrish
4 days ago


Created By -  ikenna.b
5 days ago


Created By -  digitalmanager
5 days ago

Published So Far...

Taurus Withdrawal Report

Created By -  inaki.melchor
7 days ago

Electores Totales Por Mesa

Created By -  encuestadornumero4
8 days ago

Banco De Dados - 1

Created By -  roberto.souza
8 days ago

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Analytics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Analytics reporting database providing insightful reports and dashboards on the data collected.

Created By -  Shwetha A
10 days ago

Crime stats

Created By -  Saasha Hayden
10 days ago

Zoho CRM Analytics

La base de datos de informes de Zoho CRM Analytics proporciona informes y paneles con información relevante sobre los datos recopilados.

Created By -  Administrador Montasa
10 days ago

Database - 1

Created By -  jayaprakash.gpt
11 days ago

Vendas - Setembro

Created By -  samuel
13 days ago

Reporte de Ventas PDM AGOSTO 2017

Created By -  nadiza11
16 days ago

Cambios Aplicativos

Contiene los cambios aplicativos

Created By -  ricardo.argueta
17 days ago

The Year of Collins

selected monthly report data from The Year of Collins

Created By -  Anna Bruhn
18 days ago

Base De Datos - 1


Created By -  daniel
19 days ago
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