Margin value cannot be empty and should be a decimal number between 0.0 to 1.0
Sorry, Currently lookup on a date column is not supported
'{0}' property of a formula column is non editable
Sorry, Currently lookup on another lookup column is not supported
Default value missing. Set the default value to proceed further.
You cannot set '{0}' property for Auto Number column
[row: {0}] Cannot be empty
Default value is not set for the column '{0}'.
Click toolbar icon 'Edit Design' and set the default value for the column
Successfully created table '{0}'. Switch to 'Data View' for entering data
Successfully modified table design of {0}
Your database has been successfully shared with administrative privilege to Zoho Reports Support team!
The permissions for the user has been successfully removed!
View has been made private!
Selected View(s) Successfully made as public
Share settings have been successfully updated
Notification email has also been sent to the user.
Salesforce Web Tab Permissions successfully modified
Database has been removed from the {0} Public Database Listing
Permissions have been successfully changed for the selected user(s)
{0} users have been successfully added. {1}
The administrative privilege for Zoho Reports Support team has been successfully removed for this database!
Private Link Permissions successfully modified
The "{0}" has been shared to the {1}. {2}
Sharing has been removed for the {0}
Notification email has also been sent to the {0}.
selected user(s)
Database has been listed in {0} Public Database Listing
The ownership of the selected view(s) have been successfully transferred to database owner
Sharing has been removed for the view
Select the row(s) to delete (Click on the row header to select the row)
changing the datatype of the column
None of the columns are sorted in the view to perform 'Remove Sorting' operation
Select a column to change datatype (Click on the column header to select)
Select the column(s) to sort (Click on the column header to select)
Delete operation failed as the following table(s) has dependent views:
Remove the lookup reference of the column '{0}' and then change the datatype.
Click 'Edit Design' to remove the lookup reference.
Select a column to format (Click on the column header to select)
Select column(s) to apply the function (Click on the column header to select)
Delete selected views
Select the column(s) to delete (Click on the column header to select)
Select the appropriate column(s) to perform this operation.
Select the appropriate column to perform this operation.
Sorry, currently sectional grouping can be applied only for a single column.
Columns cannot be grouped/ungrouped when filter applied. Kindly close the filter and try grouping/ungrouping
Sectional grouping can be applied only if there are more than one column
No modification done. Saving not required.
Filter '{0}' already applied on this view
Select a column to rename (Click on the column header to select)
Select the column to lookup
Column Name already exists
Click to Drill Down
Click to: View Underlying Data / Drill Down
Click to see the data
Sort Details
Click to change the color
Points Overlap!
Sorry, {0} type cannot be dropped in {1} field, as it is not the appropriate place to add it.
Sorry, you can not have more than 15 columns in Y Axis.
Please select a view to rename.
Kindly save the tabular view before adding any formula column(s).
Reordering a column(s) is not support when have a frozen column in the table
The column(s) you are trying to delete is associated with a filter critetia. Deleting this column will invalidate the associated filter criteria. Do you want to delete this column anyway?
Are you sure you want to remove the lookup reference of the "{0}" column?
deleting column(s)
{0} can analyse and generate reports for you. You can customize/delete them later. Generate now?
Auto Analysis has already been done for this table. Executing this again will generate duplicate reports.

Do you want to still proceed?
Auto Generate Reports
Report generation not possible. Only table found in the database is '{0}'. Require atleast another table to generate similar reports.
Data Type change deletes the drill down flow. Do you want to proceed by deleting the Drill Down flow.
Auto Analysis - Duplication Alert
Not yet implemented !
Sorry, you can Rename only one view at a time
Error - Only One Table Found
Please select the view(s) to Delete.
Are you sure you want to delete selected views ?
This is an unsaved view. Use 'Save' option instead of 'Save As'
Alert Message
Are you sure you want to delete the folder?
You need to sign into {0} to use this option/feature.
Are you sure you want to delete the folder and the views contained?
Sorry, conditional formatting is not supported in formula columns which uses aggregate functions.
No Filter Applied
This operation will reset the view. Do you want to reset?
Caution: You have to save the view before exporting it. Do you want to save it ?
Search Fields
Table Relationship used in this Report
Chart type will be converted to Bar.
Caution: One or more dependent views exist for this {0} - '{1}'. Deleting the {2} will delete all the dependent views.

Do you want to proceed with this operation?
Do you want to clear all the filters?
Are you sure you want to delete the selected schedules?
Please remove the field directly from the drop area you want to remove. Because, same field exist in {0} places
Generating Report
Are you sure you want to delete '{0}'?
Filter(s) Applied
Caution: Changes will be lost if not saved.

Do you want to save it before {0}
is modified
More than 25 values are not allowed in Top/Bottom filter.
Minimum value cannot be greater than Maximum value
Month & Year
The date you have selected is not in the correct Range.
Minimum value cannot be less than {0}
Full Date
Next {0} Quarter(s)
Click to edit this value
Step 1 of 2: Choose Component for User Filter
Next {0} Week(s)
Invalid Input. You can enter only a numeric value
Step 1 of 1: Choose Component for User Filter
Enter only integer value.
Sorry! You cannot enter more than 5 digit number
Last {0} Year(s)
Last {0} Quarter(s)
Date is not in correct format
(Ex: Today)
FROM date is greater than TO date
Next {0} Year(s)
Last {0} Month(s)
Last {0} Week(s)
List only relevant values
Last {0} Day(s)
(Ex: 2000,2001)
None of the values entered match in the filters list
Maximum value cannot be less than Minimum value
From Value should not be greater than To Value
Next {0} Month(s)
Quarter & Year
Date & Time
Next {0} Hour(s)
(Ex: East,"East,West")
Last {0} Hour(s)
(Ex: $50,$60,"$1,200")
Select atleast one option.
Maximum value cannot be more than {0}
Week & Year
(Ex: Jan,Jul)
Next {0} day(s)
(Ex: East)
Step 2 of 2: Choose values to list in User Filter
Suggestion: Pivot Table would be a better way to visualize the data plotted
Add New Range
Click here to Generate {0}
Loading Report
There has been an upgrade. Would you like to reload the view ?
You cannot perform this operation as the view is empty.
Drop some columns in the view to proceed with this operation.
Delete Table
Table '{0}' cannot be deleted as it is referred by the following table(s):
Please sign in into {0} to create new reports.
Sorry, You don't have the permission to create a new table in this database.
Show/Hide/Reorder Column
Atleast one column should be visible.
Invalid decimal number. Example: 45, +52.4, -523.65
Invalid Email value. Example:
You cannot edit a formula column.
Invalid number. Example: 45, +524, -523
Invalid data found in column '{0}' [row {1}]
Column already in freeze area.
To unfreeze, click pin icon which is shown on the column header
Invalid Currency. Example: {0} 45, 52.4, -523.65
Currently reorder is not supported within grouped columns. Ungroup columns and try.
Invalid Date! Sample: 1983/12/25
Invalid Url value. Example:
Invalid positive number. Example: 45, +524
You cannot edit an Auto Number column.
Currently reorder is not supported with freeze columns. Unfreeze columns and try.
Invalid Percentage. Example: 45, 52.4%
Formula cannot be deleted due to the following reason:
Data Type of the column '{0}' cannot be changed due to the following reason:
Column '{0}' cannot be changed to lookup column due to the following reason:
Delete Column(s)
Data Type Change
Column {0} cannot be deleted due to the following reason:
Select a column to find and replace (Click on the column header to select)
Enter valid Email value
Column Name cannot be empty
Double click on the column header to rename the column
Column Name should not exceed '{0}' characters. Please provide an Alternate Name
Column Analysis completed successfully and Reports generated
cannot have duplicate entries.
Column reordering is not supported for this view
A table can have only one Auto Number type column
Reports Successfully Auto Generated.
From VectorWise
IllegalArgument. Col Index is greater than available columns
Description cannot be more than {0} Characters.
View moved to the folder
Already saved. No modification found.
The Copy Table operation is taking more time. We will notify you (by mail) once its completed.
View name cannot be empty
Title cannot be more than {0} Characters.
IllegalArgument. Row Index is greater than available rows
Reordering is not allowed at this position
Please wait. Previous save request is still in-progress...
View name should not exceed '{0}' characters
Saved {0} successfully
Table copied successfully. Some aggregate formulas were not copied as Lookup relationship(s) required to copy these formulas were not present.
Datatype changed successfully
Datatype set for the formula column is not compatible with the output type of the formula
Deleting selected columns
Click here to rename database
Invalid date format string found.
Datatype set for the column is not compatible
Query table exceeding the maximum of {0} rows will be truncated
Only SELECT query statements (SQL) are allowed
You need to provide a SQL SELECT query in the text area above before you click Execute Query or Save.
Query Modification
Performed changes in the query is not allowed due to following reason(s):
Base table and reference table should not be same
Select folder to store the reports
Filter applied successfully. Click the filter Icon on the top left corner of the sheet to edit the filter
Filter renamed successfully.
Filter saved successfully.
Fetching design view
Saving modifications
Refreshing design view
saving this filter
Closing filter
applying filter
Loading Dashboard
Loading Dashboard Designer
Make selected views public
Make the view '{0}' public
Edit Public Permissions of this database
Email As CSV: Settings
Email has been sent successfully
Rows Count
Click to get the total rows count.
Select a column to change to lookup column (Click on the column header to select)
Lookup column property cannot be set to formula column/auto number column/ another lookup column
Edit Lookup Settings
Change to Lookup Column
Remove Lookup
Look Up column created Successfully
Schedule name cannot be empty
You do not have permission to edit Schedules in this database.
Incorrect date format string. Click Change... to get more formats and help
You should provide date format that matches your date value
More Import Options
You must select your date column
If you don't have MILLI SECOND DATE column, remove this format string.
Invalid date format string found.
Less Import Options
Does this value correctly identify your date format? If not, set the date format.
Username or password saved in scheduled import settings is not valid
Data Refetch Completed Successfully
Invalid username or password
Data Refetch Started...
Your Settings Saved successfully
Unscheduled successfully
Error during Data Refetch. For details access Import -> Last Import Details.. toolbar menu
Authenticated URL feed requires username and password
New Table
Find and Replace
Sorry currently it not possible to export available view(s) as CSV.
New Summary
New Dashboard
Error Details:
Enter valid
remove sorting
adding formula column
New Chart
Specify Filter Criteria
New Query Table
New Report
Description not provided
New Pivot
Newly Auto Generated Reports:
Auto Number
You have some unsaved information!!
You must select alteast one column to proceed with import.
The given file type is not supported in import. Use 'Pasted Data' option to import the file
Sorry Unknown File Type:
Sorry. Unable to export.(Unknown view type
Column '{0}' is already mapped.Kindly provide an alternate mapping.
The given file type is not supported in import. Use 'Pasted Data' option to import the file.
Unknown File
A table can have only one Auto Number type column. Kindly choose different data type.
The database has been made private sucessfully.
Public Access settings has been successfully saved
Select atleast one schedule to {0}.
Select atleast one weekday
Select atleast one View
View Underlying data can not be scheduled
Selected schedules has been paused Successfully!
Select atleast one Column
Email has been scheduled successfully.
Selected schedules has been started Successfully!
Mail has been sent successfully!
Send Now
Selected schedule has been deleted Successfully!
Your Report(s) has been submitted to Email.
Schedule has been updated successfully.
Schedule has been deleted Successfully!
Schedule has been started Successfully!
Your Report(s) has been submitted for Scheduling.
Schedule has been paused Successfully!
You are in the READ-ONLY mode of Zoho Reports. Write operations are not allowed in this mode.
Sorry, You cannot perform this operation in Read-Only mode
To measure the input field width
To measure the cell height
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